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    MERA Dog Energy Food 12.5Kg

    Original price was: ₨16,500.Current price is: ₨16,000.
    MERA Essential Energy – the tasty complete food for adult dogs with high energy requirements.

    • For high-performance dogs
    • With Anti-Smell-Formula
    • Recipe without wheat
    • Support for the immune system
    • With MERA protection concepts
    • Tailored towards the individual needs of your dog

    That is why our recipe deliberately avoids using:
    exotic meat sources, colourings, flavours and preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, sugar, soy, vitamin K3.

  • MERA Exklusiv Classic Cat Food

    Highly digestible food for balanced and healthy nutrition of your cat, made from particularly high-quality raw materials. Optimal amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals are provided by Mera Cat

  • Mera Finest Fit Indoor Cat Food

    MERA Finest Fit Indoor Cat Food

    Mera Indoor Cat Food is the finest fit that supports the individual needs of your cat. The specially developed recipe with fresh meat and other essential ingredients provides the best all-around care.

    • recipe without wheat
    • With anti hairball complex
    • with lots of fresh poultry
    • refined with forest fruits
    • optimal all-round care

  • Mera Finest Fit Kitten

    MERA Finest Fit Kitten Food

    MERA finest fit Kitten is a wet food for adult cats. Gently steamed with chicken and forest fruits helps with the healthy development of young cats.

    • With lots of fresh chicken
    • Refined with forest fruits
    • Inulin for developing a stable intestinal flora
    • Optimal all-round care

  • Mera Grain Free Adult Cat Food
      Recipe without grain and with lots of fresh and nutritious meat
    • TASTY:
      High quality with delicious ingredients
      Meat from chickens from the Initiative Tierwohl (animal welfare)

  • Mera Grain Free Kitten Food

    Mera Grain Free Chicken Kitten Food

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    MERA Junior 1 Dog Food

    Original price was: ₨16,500.Current price is: ₨16,000.
    MERA Essential Junior 1 – Complete food for growing dogs of small and medium breeds and for the entire puppy breeding.

    • Supporting the immune system
    • Joint protection
    • For the entire breeding of puppies
    • Recipe without wheat
    • With MERA protection concepts
    • All-round care for puppies and young dogs
    • Tailored toward the individual needs of your dog

  • Out of Stock Mera Mini Adult Dog Food Turkey and Rice

    Mera Mini Adult Dog Food Turkey and Rice 4kg

    Original price was: ₨7,800.Current price is: ₨7,000.
  • Mera Pure Sensitive Goody Snacks 600g
    The MERA pure sensitive goody snacks are the ideal reward for sensitive dogs suffering from allergies or food intolerance.

    • For the daily reward
    • An animal protein source & a carbohydrate source
    • Recipe without grain
    • LID – Limited Ingredient Diet


  • Mera Urinary Cat Food

    MERA Urinary Cat Food


    More relaxation in everyday life thanks to an intact bladder.

    • Developed and recommended by veterinarians
    • Acidification of the pH in the urine
    • Reduces inflammation in the urinary tract through omega-3 fatty acids
    • Increase in urine volume