Bioline Ear Mite Drops for Cats and Dogs – 30ml

1,350 Original price was: ₨1,350.1,180Current price is: ₨1,180.

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1,350 Original price was: ₨1,350.1,180Current price is: ₨1,180.

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Bioline Ear Mite drops are specially formulated for the treatment of ear infections and mites inside the ears of your pets.


Pet ear structure determines their ear in poor ventilation and humidity, it is easy to cause the breeding of bacteria or fungi. Sometimes ear mite parasitism, and stimulated secretion also can cause ear-smelly, ear infections, Ear Mite Treatment contains many kinds of plant essential oil, with an ear mites pet use, can remove parasitized ear mites, alleviate and eliminate itching, and ear smelly: to prevent infection. The product passes the actual test safe, mild, and with no stimulation.


Eucalyptus Oll, Tea Tree Oil. Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol


According to the treatment, apply 2ml per week. Every day or every other day, direct drop into the ear canal, put a hand over your pet’s ears gently several times after letting go, let your pet shake head, and excess liquid wax can throw in time, and then use a cotton ball and gently wipe the external auditory canal, cannot use tools in pet ear cleaning to avoid hurting ears. It does not need to be mixed with other medicines to obtain good curative effect. For more ear mites, this product can be used for daily care to treat pets ‘ smelly and itching ears.


1. This product can not be used in ear canal atopic pets. If there is an allergic reaction, should suspend


2. This product should be placed outside the reach of children and pets.

3. This product can’t swallow, Ingestion of this product should be vomiting Immediately.


Bioline Tear Stain Remover | Bioline Eye Care Drops

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