Catnip Jar 250ml

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600 Original price was: ₨600.550Current price is: ₨550.

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Catnip is a mint-based herb that is given to cats. It is a non-toxic non-addictive herb that contains a substance called nepetalactone, sensitive to cats’ opioid systems. This causes a euphoric “buzz” in the cats which lasts for around 10 minutes, and you will observe your adorable feline acting peculiarly funny. Nepetalactone also helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract, by killing insects and mites. The best way to feed your feline children is; dried catnip in little amounts as appreciative treats!

Dosage: Catnip can be given to kittens aged 6 months and older. 

Caution: Overdosage can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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