NutraGold Adult Cat Food


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Specially formulated for all kinds of health needs of adult cats. Its multi-nutritional composition provides wide-ranging benefits for cats’ health and development.
NutraGold Holistic Indoor Adult Cat Food is specially formulated for all kinds of health needs of an indoor adult cat food. Due to its multi-nutritional composition, it has wide-ranging benefits for cats’ health and development. Multiple Protein Sources: Made from chicken, cereal, vegetables, shellfish powder, ocean fish, cartilage of poultry, and a few other protein sources, it has a heavy protein content which aids in the essential development of felines.  Hairball Control: Cellulose helps prevent fussy hairball formation. Odor Control: Yucca Schidigera reduces waste odor. Healthy Eye Vision: Taurine improves vision. Healthy Heart Formula: Added taurine also helps in maintaining heart health. Skin and shiny Coat: Enriched with Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, it helps strengthen the skin and provides a shiny coat. Balanced Diet: It is a keenly formulated magnesium-controlled and pH-balanced diet for indoor adult cats. Made in the USA. Recommended and Approved by Vets. Feeding guidelines: For the Feeding instructions table, see the back of the pack.   For your young kitten aged below 12 months, buy NutraGold Holistic Indoor Kitten Food.

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