Remu Easy Clean Cat Litter


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20Kg, 5Kg


Remu Easy Clean Cat Litter is made from 100% natural sources that provide it with maximum absorption and odor control abilities. Its Easy Clean formula works efficiently while scooping litter. Fast Clumping: Feces and Urine clumps are formed quickly for easier scooping. Longer Life: Its high absorption trait only clumps the used litter so that the least amount of litter is removed while scooping. Low Tracking: Prevents litter granules from sticking to the cat’s paws and spreading on your floor. Anti-Bacterial: When the moisture is absorbed, the litter box remains dry suppressing bacterial growth and retaining its hygiene.  Dust-Free: 99% dust-free to eliminate powdery residues. Strong Odor Control: Contains activated soda which minimizes odor. Eco-friendly: Made from 100% natural and hygienic ingredients.

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