Whiskas 1+ Adult Dry Cat Food Mackerel Flavor


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WHISKAS Adult Mackerel cat food is complete and balanced, specially designed to fulfill your cat’s needs at the adult life stage. At the age of 12 months, your kitten turns adult and requires different nutritional needs. This change in nutritional needs will change again when they turn 7. Cats aged 1-6 need lots of playtime and a balanced diet to help them stay lean and healthy. Cats are carnivores while humans are omnivores, so cats need two times more protein than us. They also need 41 essential nutrients for optimum health. WHISKAS understands the nutritional needs of cats, and every product is specially designed to be complete and balanced.

Healthy and Shiny Coat

Formulated with omega 3 & 6 fats and zinc for a healthy and shiny coat.


Complete with vitamin A and taurine for healthy eyesight.


Filled with proteins from real fish, including fats, vitamins, and minerals, your cat stays active and happy.

Develops The Cat’s Vital Systems

Packed with essential nutrients WHISKAS Adult Mackerel cat food strengthens the vital systems of your cat through omega 3 & 6, fatty acids, zinc (healthy & shiny coat), Vitamin A and taurine (healthy eye-sight), and proteins, fat & minerals (keeping it lively and active.

Convenient & Cost Effective

Easy to serve and store, yet an affordable, wholesome meal for adult cats. Be saved from the hassles of cooking and determining what little Tom needs to remain active and healthy.

Feeding Guidelines for Whiskas Adult Mackerel Cat Food

  • Whiskas Adult Mackerel Cat Food is a complete and balanced meal by itself
  • Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal
  • Please serve on a daily basis, as per the cat’s body weight
  • Serve Dry and Wet food in different bowls Recommended to feed twice a day
  • In case your pet does not enjoy Whiskas cat food, continue with the mixture of Whiskas cat food and current food for a few more days
Both WHISKAS dry and wet food is complete and balanced for your cat’s nutritional needs. However, for optimal goodness, we encourage you to provide your cat with both dry and wet food. Wet food contains water to ensure healthy urinary tracts, and has fewer calories. The unique kibble shape of WHISKAS dry food helps to clean teeth and gums, ensuring your cat’s oral health. Your cat will surely adore the variety in texture and flavors you provide her.

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