Cat Litters

Cat litter is a granular material used to contain and absorb the waste of a cat’s faeces and urine. The tray or box that carries litter is commonly known as a sandbox, litter tray, potty litter pan etc.  The main purpose of using it is to ensure cleanliness and control odors after a potty session with the pet. The cat litter are not only necessary for cats but if you have other pets like ferrets, small dogs, rabbits and miniature pigs; it will help as a repository to train your pet.

Many new pet owners may not what cat litter is, how to use it, understand its importance, and its types and how to buy it. Read this article till the end for maximum information. Let’s have a look.

The importance of Cat Litters

Cat litter is an important substance for various reasons including:

Personal Cleanliness & Hygiene:

Cats are one of the fine animals who prefer to clean and bury their waste naturally. When you provide a litter box and place it in some private corner of the house, it will give you multiple benefits. Firstly the cat will use the litter box and never create mess anywhere in the house. Secondly, the family will never experience any unpleasant smell of piss & faeces. For your personal and pet’s hygiene cat litters are essential.

Avoiding Accidents:

For a healthy and controlled environment for your cat, keep the cat litter near the bathroom area. It will give her the privacy. During the potty training, the cat must understand the usage of as it will reduce the risk of unwanted incidents or slippery caused by the pet’s wastage.

Health Monitoring:

The cat litter gives healthy benefits as you monitor your cat’s habits; it can provide valuable insight into her health. You will see remarkable changes such as the frequency, or appearance of urine or faeces. It can indicate underlying health issues that require veterinary attention.

Behavioural Advantage:

Cats that have access to clean litter are less likely to develop behavioural issues such as inappropriate elimination or marking.

Privacy, Safety and Comfort:

When you provide a properly maintained litter box to your pet, it will give them a familiar and comfortable environment to use the bathroom. It will help them feel secure in their territory.

Environmental Enrichment:

Some litter boxes are designed to provide environmental enrichment for cats, such as those with built-in toys or hiding spots. These can help stimulate your cat mentally and physically.

Multiple Cat Households:

In homes with multiple cats, having enough litter boxes (one per cat plus one extra) can help prevent conflicts and ensure that each cat has access to a litter box when needed.

In simple words, cat litter is an essential substance if you care for your cat and undoubtedly, it is key to maintaining their hygiene, health and well-being.

Types of Cat litters

You can buy cat litter from an online pet store like Epets.pk where you can find several types with different characteristics and benefits. Here are a few common types are as following:

Clumping Clay Litter:

It is one of the commonly used types of cat litters that turn into clumps when it comes into contact with moisture. This characteristic makes it an easy choice for cleaning the potty box or trey. You can scoop out the solid clumps and keep the clean litter in the box. It is effective and convenient in controlling odors.

Non-Clumping Clay Litter:

It is slightly different from clumping clay litter as it can adsorb moisture but never turn into a solid form. If you are choosing this type of litter, make sure to change the entire litter frequently otherwise it may cause an unpleasant smell. It’s budget-friendly therefore many people prefer it.

Scented Cat Litter:

They are infused with fragrances to help mask odors. Only a few pet owners prefer scented litter, but others may find the fragrance irritating or overwhelming.

Unscented Litter:

This type of cat litter is free from added artificial fragrances, and if you have a cat with a sensitive nose then you must buy it. Many pet parents prefer a natural odour control approach and avoid choosing the synthetic one.

Silica Gel Crystal Litter:

As its name, it is made from silica gel and its crystals absorb moisture and control odor effectively. If you are looking for long-lasting litter, it is one of them. Silica gel crystal litter is also known for their low dust production.

Natural Litter:

This cat litter is produced with all the natural materials like coconut husks, grass and walnut shells. All these elements are utilized because of their biodegradable and odor-control properties. Moreover, the pet never experiences any allergy after using it.

Biodegradable Litter:

It is made from recycled materials such as paper, wood, wheat or corn and produces pine litter, corn-base litter etc. This type of cat litters can be composed and considered eco-friendly.

Flushable Litter:

The flushable cat litter can be safely flushed down the toilet. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions avoid plumbing issues and flush the mentioned litter quantity accordingly.

Well, choosing the right type of litter depends on your budget, and some other specific elements like odor control, cat’s preferences and environmental concerns. So, consider all the necessary factors and finalize your choice for the well-being of your pet.

How to Buy Different Cat Litters for Pets?

Buying cat litter for your pets can seem overwhelming due to the variety of options available. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right litter for your cat:

1.     Research:

Every cat has different habits and preferences so it’s very important to consider that while deciding on buying cat litters. You have to find the right litter for your pet and for that research and get the required knowledge. The available different types of litters may confuse you a bit but read the instructions and make wise decisions.

2.     Quality and Material:

The quality of the cat litter material is one of the important and considerable factors. If the litter has all or some of the following elements like silica gel crystals, clay, wood, corn and wheat and lastly recycled paper that means it is safe to use. Although each litter ingredient has its pros and cons, they are most likely the best litters for pets.

3.     Odor Control:

Make sure the litter has enough capability to control the odor or you can select the litter with artificial fragrance but if your cat is sensitive then stick to the natural one. The online pet store in Pakistan has multiple cat litter options in scented and unscented versions so pick the right one for your cat.

4.     Dust Levels:

Some cats are allergic to dust particles therefore dust-free litter is the best choice, and here clumping clay cat litters are suggested.

5.     Eco-friendly:

A clean and healthy environment is the need of both humans and animals. The litter should be easy to dispose of without harming the ecosystem. Flushable litters are also available in the market but they come with potential environmental hazards. We suggest selecting the cat litters that is made from sustainable natural materials.

6.     Price:

Some types of litters are expensive but they have multiple benefits but the commonly used litters are not a burden on your pocket. If you buy the cheaper option then all you need is to actively and frequently change the litter if you don’t want any stinky smell of faeces and pee.

Multi-Cat Formulas:

If you have a big cat family then you must consider a litter specifically designed for multiple cats, precisely choose the one with better odor control and clumping properties.

Observe then decide:

Cats have individual preferences, so it may take some trial and error to find the right litter. Observe your cat’s behaviour and litter box habits to see if they accept the new litter.

Moreover, there is not any rocket science in finding the right litter for your pet but yes there are some considerable and important factors that you must understand. You can buy all the necessary products from food, clothes, toys and litters from Epets.pk, an online pet store in Pakistan that delivers nationwide.


Cat litters are essential for the wellbeing and hygiene of your pet. Different types of litters are available in the local and online pet store where you can buy them easily. Always prefer dust-free litter that is made of natural substances and gives a long-lasting effect. Although some of them are expensive there are also many cheaper choices as well. Epets.pk is here to assist you so visit and purchase the right cat litters today.

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