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d’Amigo® dog food has been carefully formulated by expert canine animal nutritionists in South Africa specifically for the Pakistan market. Taking into consideration the local grains that are available, its price, and the quality of the analysis of each ingredient, the formulation is then produced accordingly. It contains:
  • Digestible proteins for muscle development
  • Minerals for skeletal strength
  • Fats serve as an energy source
  • Fresh ingredients to promote palatability
  • Special ingredients to improve immune system
  • Essential fatty acids to maintain a handsome coat and healthy skin
  The product consists of rice, wheat bran, maize, bone meal, maize gluten and poultry meal. These products are all grown in Pakistan. The addition of fats, minerals and vitamins, enhancers and amino acids make this an excellent and balanced diet for your dog.   All ingredients we use are required for a nutritional function so no fillers are used. We do not add artificial colouring to our products   Rice is an excellent digestible carbohydrate source and Pakistan has this in abundance. This product is preferred to maize although in Southern Africa it is not used as it is extremely expensive. This is also an advantage that Pakistan has in manufacturing its own pet food.   In formulating the ingredients, our animal nutritionist in South Africa uses the International guidelines(AAFCO) for assessing the ingredients based on acceptable best practices and the raw materials available in Pakistan.   The protein in our dog food is a minimum of 21%. Protein levels may vary from product to product but this is not an indicator of the quality of the food.   The various formulations that we make will ensure that we adhere to these requirements and will be monitored regularly.   Nutritional Information: Cereal (Rice min 14%), Cereal Derivatives, Meat & Meat derivatives, Vegetable Protein derivatives, Fats & Oils (enhancers), Vitamins & Minerals, approved anti-oxidants.   Feeding Directions:  
Body Weight (kg) Feeding Amount (g/Day)
<5 35-130
5-10 130-215
10-25 215-430
25-50 430-720
  Feeding Recommendations: To avoid digestive upsets associated with food change, slowly replace old food with d’Amigo dog food over a period of 5 to 7 days as illustrated above.

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