Me-O Creamy Cat Treats

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860 Original price was: ₨860.750Current price is: ₨750.
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Cat Treats are a delicious snack for your furrballs with enhanced poultry flavors that they absolutely love. Me-O Creamy Cat Treats come in 4 different flavors; Chicken & Liver, Crab, Boito and Salmon. They are enriched with green tea which helps in detoxification and a healthy immune system. Taurine strengthens eyesight. Omega-3, Zinc, and DL-Methionine help in supporting the skin barrier. These make Me-O Creamy treats a health booster and flavorful treat that your cats will salivate over.

Me-O Creamy Cat Treats comes in a pack of 4

Weight 0.5 kg

Crab, Bonito, Salmon, Chiken and Liver


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