Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk


Complete feed for dogs – Milk replacer feed for puppies from birth to weaning (0-2 months).

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1 in stock

Complete feed for dogs – Milk replacer feed for puppies from birth to weaning (0-2 months).

Harmonious Growth

With high energy and protein content, baby dog milk is approximately equal to breast milk in nutrition, for steady and harmonious growth. 

Digestive Health

Baby dog milk contains carefully selected highly-digestible proteins, and has a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the puppy’s digestive system because it does not contain starch (very young puppies don’t secrete enough enzymes to digest starch). The puppy’s intestinal flora develops gradually over several weeks. The addition of prebiotics (FOS) helps maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora. 

Instant Milk

Thanks to its exclusive formula, Babydog milk dissolves instantly and completely, with no sediment, creating a totally homogenous formula (see user guide included in the pack).




Composition: Milk retentate, milk fat, refined palm oil (from sustainable sources), whey protein, refined soya oil, refined coprah oil, minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides (0.5%), fish oil (source of DHA), fungi oil (source of arachidonic acid).


Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 25000 IU, Vitamin D3: 1500 IU, 3b103 (Iron): 100 mg, 3b201 (Iodine): 4 mg, 3b405 (Copper): 15 mg, 3b503 (Manganese): 80 mg, 3b605 (Zinc): 190 mg, 3b810 (Selenium): 0.43 mg, Taurine: 2.2 g – Antioxidants.

Feeding Guidelines:

Royal Canin Babydog Milk comes with a 1st Age Kit including a feeder and a cup. Feeding portions depend upon the age (until 4 weeks) and the weight of the puppy. 

Measurement: A single measuring cup equals 10ml of baby milk powder which is to be mixed in 20ml of warm water. (1 part milk: 2 parts warm water).  

Preparation: According to the feeding table on the bucket or the pack, add warm (50 degrees C) water into the feeding bottle (feeder). Shake well and feed warm.

Min Max Min Max
Week 1 8 meals 3 ml 10 ml 2/10 5/10
Week 2 5 meals 10 ml 30 ml 5/10 1 5/10
Week 3 4 meals 20 ml 50 ml 1 2 5/10
Week 4 4 meals 25 ml 60 ml 1 3/10 3

Note: Do not leave the mixture for more than one hour.

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