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Complete feed for cats – especially for 2nd-age kittens [upto 12 months]
Growth is an essential stage in your kitten’s life – it’s a time of big changes, significant discoveries, and new encounters. During this period, it’s important to make sure your kitten gets the right kind of nutrients to support healthy growth and development. The second age growth stage is a key period for your kitten because its immune system still developing at a gradual pace. ROYAL CANIN® Kitten food helps to support your kitten’s natural defenses during this time, thanks particularly to a patented complex of antioxidants, including the highly beneficial vitamin E. ROYAL CANIN® Kitten is suitable for kittens up to 12 months old and has an enhanced digestive tolerance thanks to the inclusion of L.I.P – a protein selected due its 90% digestibility rate. To cater to each cat’s individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN® Kitten is also available as wet food in delicious gravy or succulent jelly. If you’re considering mixed feeding, simply follow our feeding guidelines to ensure your cat gets an accurate amount of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit.

Digestive Health

During the growth period, the kitten’s digestive system remains immature and continues developing gradually over several months. A combination of highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) and specific fibers (psyllium and prebiotics including FOS) help support a balance in the intestinal flora and contributes to good stool quality. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Immune system support

Growth is an essential stage in the kitten’s life: it is the time of big changes, discoveries, and new encounters. During this key period, the kitten’s immune system develops gradually. A patented* complex of antioxidants (vitamins C and E, lutein, and taurine) helps support the kitten’s natural defenses. *France, patent No EP1146870.

Healthy growth

It takes several months for a kitten to reach adult body weight and fully develop its bone structure. An adapted content of protein, vitamins, and minerals including vitamin D and calcium helps support the development of the kitten’s bones and muscles and helps maintain health. It also meets the energy needs related to this intense growth period.


Selected protein with digestibility over 90% (Royal Canin). Ingredients Balanced and complete feed for cats – Especially for 2nd age kittens (up to 12 months old). Composition: dehydrated poultry protein, rice, vegetable protein isolate*, animal fats, maize, maize gluten, hydrolyzed animal proteins, vegetable fibers, beet pulp, yeasts and parts thereof, fish oil, minerals, soya oil, psyllium husks and seeds (0.5%), fructo-oligo-saccharides (0.38%), hydrolyzed yeast (source of manno-oligo-saccharides), marigold extract (source of lutein). Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 20500 IU, Vitamin D3: 800 IU, Vitamin E: 600 mg, E1 (Iron): 40 mg, E2 (Iodine): 4 mg, E4 (Copper): 12 mg, E5 (Manganese): 52 mg, E6 (Zinc): 154 mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.07 mg – Technological additives: Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin: 10 g – Preservatives – Antioxidants.   Analytical constituents: Protein: 36% – Fat content: 18% – Crude ash: 7.8% – Crude fibers: 2.3% – Calcium: 1.2%.   *L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high digestibility.   For RSA: Guaranteed analysis g/kg: Crude protein (min) 340 – Moisture (max) 70 – Crude fat (min) 160 – Crude fiber (max) 33 – Crude ash (max) 86. Product registration number: V12214 – Act 36/1947. For Namibia: N-FF 1754.   Feeding instructions: see table. Batch number, factory registration number, and best before date: see information on packaging. To be stored in a cool, dry place.   Feeding Guidelines Table:
Kitten’s age Kitten’s weight Dry food only Dry & wet food
1 – 2 months 0.4 – 1 kg 29 – 48 g 4 – 23g + 1 pouch
3 – 4 months 1.3 – 2 kg 61 – 66 g 11 – 16 g + 1 pouch
5 – 6 months 2.3 – 2.9 kg 69 – 67 g 48 – 46 g + 1 pouch
7 – 12 months 3.1 – 4 kg 64 – 51 g 43 – 29 g + 1 pouch
  Buy Royal Canin Kitten Jelly Wet Food Switch to Royal Canin Indoor Adult Cat Dry Food once your kitten grows past the age of 12 months.

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