Royal Canin Persian Kitten


Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food gives your kitten, up to 12 months of age, a good digestive health and helps maintain their immune system.

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Royal Canin Kitten Dry Food has been formulated by the 45 years long field experts at Royal Canin, keeping in mind the exclusive needs of delicate kittens. 

Easy to Grasp & Chew: Each kibble is cube-shaped, and has an appropriate size and texture for convenient chewing and oral hygiene.

Healthy Fur Growth: Persian Cats have a unique trait-the longest fur. For this purpose, Royal Canin has made an exclusive composition of a sufficient amount of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. These contribute to healthy fur and skin growth as well as maintaining a beautiful coat.  

Digestive Health: It has high dietary fiber, protein, and prebiotics content which not only help in effective digestion but also support a healthy and safe gut.

Immune System Maintenance: To support the natural defenses, antioxidants and vitamin E aid the body.

It can be given to kittens aged up to 12 months. However, for kittens aged up to 4 months, Royal Canin Mother & BabyCat Food for Kitten is recommended and for Adult Cats, more than 12 months old, Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat Food is recommended.

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