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Dog collars are one of the most important accessories, and they typically consist of a strap that goes around the dog’s neck and a buckle as fastening mechanism to secure it in place. The online pet store in Pakistan makes it easy to find and order the collar of your choice. Being an eco-conscious pet parent, you must consider the environmental impact of your purchase for your furry friends. No matter where you are living, you will get the order at your doorsteps.

If we talk about the primary function or requirement of wearing a collar, we can describe its multiple purposes:

Purposes of Dog Collars


The first and primary function of the collar is to hold the ID tags. The dog parent chooses attractive collars and leashes for their pet that are mainly coated with their name and contact information. Such collars are beneficial, especially if the dog gets lost somewhere.

To control your dog:

Collars are used with leashes to control and restrain or control the dog when necessary. It ensures the dog’s safety and avoids running off or possibly getting into dangerous situations. Even for the regular walk, collars and leashes are necessary for every dog owner.


For better dog training, you must require a collar as the training tool so the pet can behave and move according to your command. He can learn how to walk and obey any command, and veterinary settings also took place with the help of a collar.


If we talk about the safety features of any dog collar, some of them are designed with advanced techniques. The specific reflective material is used to prepare the collar that illuminates in low light and even in the dark. So, in case the dog is lost at night, or he goes to the roadside, the sparkling collar is visible enough to indicate from very far away and instantly secure from any car accident.


Specific types of collars are used to carter the dog’s health issues, for example, flea collars, which can prevent flea infestations. Some thick collars are designed to support the neck in case of any injury. You can buy such collars from your vet or find an authentic online pet store in Pakistan.


Stylish and trendy dog Leather Collar showcases your dog’s personality attractively. Different designs, patterns, and colors enhance your pet’s beauty and fashion sense.

Legal Requirements:

In many countries, there is a law where an owned dog identifies with its collar. It helps the authorities to categorize owned and ownerless dogs, which is necessary.

Relationship and bonding:

A collar signifies the special bond and sense of belonging between the dog and his owner. People express their love for their pets through matching, like wearing a pair of jeans and twining with the dog via Jeans Collar for Dogs, and it looks so adorable.

In short, dog collars are an important and practical accessory whether it’s a health concern, fashion need, safety, or identification.

Types of Dog Collars

Different types of dog collars are produced to fulfill your pet’s needs and they are available at online pet store in Lahore. From holding, vaccinations, style, and identification, they are essential accessories for a dog. If you are a new pet owner, then you must know some exceptional types of dog collars, and they are as follows:

1.     Flat Collars:

It is a commonly used type of dog collar and is typically made of leather, nylon, or fabric and has a plastic clip or buckle. Such collars are suitable and cost-effective for routine use and can hold ID tags easily.

2.     Breakaway Collars:

You must have this type of collar if you have a naughty and playful dog. It will allow him to walk and run without any stretch. The collar releases the body whenever the pressure applies, and the pet moves occasionally without any problem. Such collars are designed for cats because they can start to follow or catch any tiny thing, but they’re also recommended for dogs, especially outdoors.

3.     Head Collars:

It is also known as Gentle Leader or Halti, designed to handle the dog by gently routing its head. If you choose it, you must understand that the dog requires a little training to get used to it.

4.     Martingale Collars:

They are also called limited-slip collars, designed with a tight loop when the dog pulls it. It prevents the dog from slipping out of the collar but is handled with care. The access pressure on the collar can cause choking, so be careful.

5.     Choke Chains:

Commonly known as slip collars, they are one of the training tools that tighten around the dog’s neck whenever they are pulled. Use it if you are an expert trainer; otherwise, any carelessness can cause severe injury to the dog’s neck.

6.     Harnesses:

Although it’s not a collar, it gives an owner a comfortable and supportive hold of the dog while walking around. Harnesses work perfectly if the dog has any physical issue like a throat infection or an injury. Nylon Body Harness with Leash would be the best choice by all means.

7.     GPS Collars:

It is one of the most commonly and preferred dog collars that comes with high-tech GPS tracking technology to locate the dog. You can walk and move without fearing losing your beloved dog and find him easily while tracking his accurate location.

All the above-mentioned dog collars are essential, and you must consider your dog’s size, behavior, and breed while choosing any collar.

Before ordering any collar from online pet store in Pakistan, make sure the safety and comfort of the pet because if you choose the wrong collar, it can be harmful to your dog. If you need clarification and help knowing what suits your dog, consult your vet or a professional dog trainer for better guidance.

Materials to Consider for Dog Collars

The quality of the material is a factor that you must pay attention to while selecting any collar for your dog.  When you choose quality material collars like biomethane, it will reduce the environmental impact and prevent the contribution of any pollutant. The eco-friendly and sustainable features are one of the requirements, but the collar’s material can decide its life. Some commonly used dog collar materials are as follows:

Natural Materials:

If we specifically focus on the durability of the dog’s collar, natural materials like bamboo, cotton, and hemp would be the first choice. All of them came from nature and never had any harmful impact on the environment.

Recycled Materials:

If you go for plastic or rubber-made collars, they are recycled material, and they also never do any harm to the environment. They are also available in different styles, textures, and designs. The budget-friendly accessory for your dog is available Epets.pk.

Leather Alternatives:

If you prefer the look and feel of leather, plenty of alternative materials mimic leather without the environmental impact. For example, cork leather is an excellent option as it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree and is, therefore, sustainable and renewable. In conclusion, choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your dog’s collar and leash can significantly impact the environment. By considering the materials used and opting for environmentally conscious choices, we can help to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable shopping practices.

How to maintain Dog’s Collar for Longevity?

To keep your dog’s collar for longevity, follow these steps:

Check the Material:

To enhance the life of the Select collar, always select a collar made from durable materials like leather, nylon, or metal. These materials are sturdy and less prone to wear and tear.

A Perfect Fit:

Only buy a collar with the dog’s size and ensure it fits properly. It can be comfortable but not too tight because discomfort can change your pet’s behavior. A perfect fit can be the last longing.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

Whenever you try to clean the collar, avoid using harsh chemicals. They can ruin the color and material; stick to the gentle cleaners and wipe carefully.

Regular Cleaning:

Daily cleaning habits can increase the life of the collar. The regular dirt and grime can be removed easily, while the hard stains may require tough cleaning.

Keep checking:

Regularly inspect the collar for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying, cracks, or weak spots. Replace the collar if you notice any damage to prevent it from breaking while your dog is wearing it.

Change the position:

If your dog always wears a collar, consider rotating between two collars. This allows one collar to air out and dry while the other is worn, reducing the risk of odour and wear.

Avoid water:

If your dog loves to swim, remove the collar before entering the water. This helps prevent the collar from becoming waterlogged and weakened.

Store Properly:

Store the collar in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight when not in use. This helps prevent the material from degrading due to exposure to heat and sunlight.

Trim Excess Fur:

If your dog has long fur, regularly trim the fur around their neck to prevent it from matting and causing friction against the collar, which can weaken the material.

As your dog grows, he may gain or lose weight, but if you regularly check the fit of the collar, the minor change in the size causes any discomfort, so keep checking and measure the size of the neck of the dog. By following these tips, you can help maintain your dog’s collar for longevity, keeping it in good condition for years.

Moreover, if you require any assistance with pet parenting and require accessories, food, and toys for your dog, Epets.pk is here for you. You can find multiple food brands and get discounts on accessories. It’s a reliable online pet store in Lahore where you can get everything under one roof.


A collar is a must-have thing while train your fury friend. You cannot run for your dog all the time while shopping or even regular walk only a collar is the best companion at that time. Collars have multiple purposes and somehow it’s an investment that you make for the well-being and safety of your dog. The high-tech quality material of dog collar will give you continuous benefits. Follow the safety instructions and buy from the exclusive range of exotic collars and leashes from online pet store in Pakistan like Epets.pk.

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