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Brit Premium Cat Food with Salmon & Trout is a Wet Food made for Adult Cats
Brit Premium Cat Food with Salmon & Trout is a Wet Food made for Adult Cats Range of Flavors: It comes in three different flavors. Chicken & Turkey, Salmon & Trout, Beef Stew & Peas. Appetizing Texture:  Brit Premium Cat Food with Salmon & Trout comes in chunks of delicate meat in gravy making it both appetizing and easier to chew for felines. Body functions: It not only provides energy and fulfillment but also helps maintain and enhance important body functions; digestive, immunity, development, and growth.  Extra Omega-3: Derived from fish oils. Helps in brain development, supports the skin barrier, strengthens the heart, regulates kidney functions, and lubrication of joints. Composition: 60% meat and animal derivatives, 16% fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, and minerals.82% moisture.  Enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients. No Colorants. No Preservatives. No added Sugars. Feeding Guidelines: For the feeding instructions table, see the back of the pack at the bottom. Assure availability of water at all times.

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