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Mr Pet Cat Food is premium quality organic dry food for cats containing salmon, chicken, vegetables, fruit, prebiotics, multi-nutrients, and minerals.
Mr Pet Cat Food is premium quality organic dry food for cats. It contains salmon, chicken, vegetable, fruit and prebiotics. Enriched with multi-nutrients and minerals. Organic Composition: Contains beef, chicken, salmon, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and natural grains. Promotes Digestion: Proteins and probiotics help in maintaining a healthy gut and good digestion. Nutrients Count: Crude protein 25%, crude fat 12%, water content 10%, crude ash 9%, crude fiber 5%, calcium 1 to 3%, water-soluble chloride 1 to 1.8%, taurine 1%, tata phosphorous 0.5%, omega 3 0.43%, omega 6 0.32%, methionine 0.3%, vitamin A 13,000 IU/the KG, vitamin D3 1200 IU/KG, vitamin E 500 IU/KG

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