Royal Canin Cat Jelly – Persian Adult 85 GM


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Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat jelly is specially formulated wet food for Persian Cats more than 12 months old.  Palatable Adapted texture: Each jelly comes in an adapted Loaf Mousse texture that appeals to your furballs.  Exclusive for Long Fur: Royal Canin has keenly made a combination of appropriate nutrients especially designed for Persian cat’s longest fur amongst all cat breeds-skin and coat strength. It keeps the fur fluffy and glossy.  Digestive Health: This breed of cats has a sensitive digestive system. The jelly has highly digestible proteins and probiotics to maintain gut health. Healthy Urinary System: It also supports urinary system health. Feeding instructions: It can be given either as a sole meal or can be combined with Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat Dry Food. For portion weight, check the back of the pack.

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