Royal Canin Cat Jelly-Urinary S/O 85 GM

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500 Original price was: ₨500.440Current price is: ₨440.

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Veterinary Experts of Royal Canin HQ formulated a medicated formula of nutrients exclusive to the treatment of urinary infections in cats (and dogs), especially for the cure of Struvite or Oxalate Crystals.

Treatment for various urinary tract diseases:  Strutive uroliths, Calcium oxalate uroliths, dissolution, and management of recurrence.

Struvite Dissolution: Thoroughly dissolves struvite crystals. For the further reduced formation of struvite uroliths (mainly Mg), it contains a low magnesium content (0.016%).

Idiopathic Cystitis: Idiopathic Cystitis constitutes 64% of all FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases) occurrences. It is an inflammation of the bladder, and like all other FLUTDs, its treatment and recurrence management require a wet diet. Royal Canin Jelly has a high moisture content (79.5%). 

Urine Dilution: Diluted urine due to high water content decreases the concentration of crystals. In addition, increased urination leads to the necessary regular emptying of the bladder.

Low RSS: Crystal hypo-saturation of urine leads to low RSS (Relative Super Saturation) causing a decreased uroliths formation of struvite and calcium oxalate.

Dosage: Although this is a balanced diet that can be fed for long-term yet veterinary consultation is important before and after (every 6 months) feeding. For complete feeding instructions, see the back of the pack.

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