Royal Canin Dog Food for Labrador Puppy

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Royal Canin Labrador Puppy Dog Food is specially formulated for Labrador Retriever breed puppies of all types; Yellow Labrador, Black Labrador, or Chocolate Labrador. This breed is hype active and playful. Based on its unique needs, Royal Canin Labrador Puppy Food provides the following benefits:

Bone Strength: Essential Nutrients contribute to the strengthening of bone structure and hence healthy growth of the labrador puppy.

Ideal Weight: Optimum amount of energy (3815 kcal/kg) not only makes the puppy energetic but also helps in achieving the ideal weight.

Digestive Health: Highly Digestible proteins (LIP), prebiotics, nutrients, and dietary fiber all combine to produce an effective digestive system aid that helps in safe and easy digestion. Additionally, also improve stool quality. 

Immune System Support: A balanced complex of antioxidants including vitamin E strengthens the fragile immune system of the puppy by enhancing natural defenses.

Tailor-made Kibble: Kibbles have specially designed shapes, sizes, and textures, for the convenience of Labrador Retriever puppy’s ease in grasping and chewing.

Feeding Instructions: Made for Labrador Retrievers aged up to 15 months. Daily feeding recommendation is divided into portions; 3 portions for puppies aged 1-5 months and 2 portions for ages 5-15 months. For further feeding guidelines and portion sizes see the back of the pack. For Labrador Retrievers above the age of 15 months, switch to Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dog Dry Food.

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